• Aida Veber
  • Adrian Laza
  • Andrei Nica
  • Anton Mazarianu
  • Cătălin Roca
  • Claudiu Găman
  • Cristina Mihaela Cernat
  • Cristina Păvăluță
  • Dan Constantin
  • Dorel Niță
  • Gelu Muraru
  • Gheorghe Luca
  • Maria Bârsan
  • Ovidiu Gârbea
  • Robert Paruschi
  • Iulian Acardi Trofin
  • Liliana Ropotică
  • Silviu Bogdan Corfa
  • Sorina Bulai
  • Ștefan Crăciun
  • Tudor Sălăvăstru

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Aida Veber

Aida Veber

Position in the club: Member

Treasurer 2021-2022

Profession: Legal adviser

Current job: Branch Manager- Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Motto: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

e-mail: aida_veber@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0726.041.810

Adrian Laza

Adrian Laza

Position in the club: Member

Vice president 2011 – 2012, President 2016 – 2017

Profession: Forestry Professional, Owner,  Line of business: Woodworking

I enjoy translating my skills and passions into relevant social causes to change lives in our community.

e-mail: adrianlaza@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0744.804.808

Andrei Nica

Andrei Nica

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Lawyer

Motto: “Travel more, smile more!”

e-mail: av.andreinica@yahoo.com        phone: +4.746.777.919

Anton Măzărianu

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Economist

“In life everything can be achived if really want it.”

e-mail: antonelpn@yahoo.com        phone: +4.744.117.676

catalin roca

Cătălin Roca

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Economist

Currently, i am the General Manager of a 4 star hotel located in Piatra Neamt. It is my deep belief that now is the perfect time to give and together with my Rotarian fellows to find ways to better serve our community.

e-mail: catalin.roca@centralplazahotel.ro        phone: +4.0743.555.948

Găman Claudiu

Claudiu Găman

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Engineer, economist

Current job: Business Owner SC CLG CONSULTING SRL

e-mail: gaman_claudiu@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0747.262.347

Cristina Mihaela Cernat

Cristina Mihaela Cernat

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Economist

Current job: Relationship Manager at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

e-mail: cmcernat@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0737.233.399

Cristina Păvăluță

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Economist

e-mail: cristininel_67@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0727.227.197

Dan Vasile Constantin

Position in the club: Charter Member

President 2007 -2008,

Profession: Engineer, business management,

e-mail: dvconstantin@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0722.315.100

Dorel Niță

Position in the club: Member, treasurer 2013 -2014, President (Elected) 2018 – 2019

Profession: Chemical engineer; co-owner and administrator of chemical company (paints and lacquers).

I am an open-minded person, empathic, romantic with a free spirit and a great love for beauty and culture.

My motto: “In life you need challenges in order to grow up.”

e-mail: dorel@vestelinindustry.ro        phone: +4.0722.293.565

Gelu Muraru

Position in the club: Member

Profession: commerce, catering

I’m considering myself to be an in my field. Catering it is a very challenging job and gives me the opportunity to work with different people from different fields.

e-mail: muraru.gelu@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0751.034.077

Gheorghe Luca

Position in the club: Charter Member

Past-President 2011 – 2012, Treasurer 2016 – 2017

Profession: Business Administrator – Wood industry

I own the company LUCANIN COM SRL. I build wood houses and I have as hobbies, football, beekeeping and wood productions.

My motto: All are my friends!

e-mail: gigiluca2005@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0744.572.708

Maria Bârsan

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Psiholog

e-mail: mary_tryfea@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0747..451.312

Ovidiu Gârbea

Ovidiu Gârbea

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Forestry engineer

e-mail: ovi_garbea@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0742.048.596

Robert Paruschi

Position in the club: Member

President (Elected) 2017 – 2018, Secretary 2016 – 2017

Profession: forestry engineer

Due to my profession I had the opportunity to meet great people and to see wonderful places. Being a Rotarian gave me the privilege to be part of an especially group of keen, interesting, good listeners and empathic people.

Motto: Having a clear conscience means having a bad memory. I have no spare time and I am not a mad person: every minute I enjoy my madness.

e-mail: robertparuschi@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0769.618.888

Iulian Trofin

Iulian Acardi Trofin

Position in the club: Member

Responsible with International Affairs, Treasurer 2011 -2012

Profession: musician

I believe in harmony and harmonization.

e-mail: iuliantrofinn@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0769.618.888

Liliana Ropotică

Position in the club: Member

Profession: Expert Accoutant

e-mail: ioanaropotica@gmail.com        phone: +4.0733.029.096

Silviu Bogdan Corfa

Position in the club: Member

Secretary 2017 – 2018

Profession: economist, owner, line of business: textile industry, digital printing

“Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness.”

e-mail: silviu.b.corfa@gmail.com        phone: +4.0722.350.271

Daniela Sorina Bulai

Sorina Bulai

Position in the club: Member

Secretary 2022-2023

Profession: Economist

Current job: administrator Romanian Stock Exchange S.A. (administration of financial markets)

e-mail: d.sorina@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0722.455.461

Crăciun Ștefan

Ștefan Crăciun

Position in the club: Member

Treasurer 2022-2023


Current job: Corporate Head Office Expert Unicredit Bank

Motto: ”Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude”

e-mail: craciun.stefan80@gmail.com        phone: +4.0787.880.733

Tudor Sălăvăstru

Position in the club: Member

Profession: MD obstetrics and gynecology

As a doctor I help only sick people… as a member of Rotary club I am trying to help the entire community.

Motto: Do what is RIGHT, no what is easy.

e-mail: clujnapoca2006@yahoo.com        phone: +4.0744.615.765